web design

Custom web development solutions

Armed with the latest technology, our front and back-end development teams bring your designs to life. We develop for the now and build for the future.

Custom Web Development Solutions

Armed with the latest technology, our front and back-end development teams bring your designs to life. We develop for the now and build for the future.
You need an online presence that represents your brand well and grows your business.

At thirtytwoninetysix, our full-stack website development consultants and web developers deliver a wide range of custom solutions for businesses across different industries and both small and large using the best content management system in today’s market.

Full range of services

With maximum effort and attention to detail, we offer web & app development services that accurately meet your expectations and satisfy the specific needs of your company. From market research and analytics to user analysis and conversion rate optimization, we provide a full range of web design services designed to enhance your website marketing efforts. Including:

  • Front end and back end with a fully responsive design
  • Any browser compatibility
  • Any device compatibility
  • Flawless User Experience
  • Thoughtful architecture – cloud-native, microservices-based or reactive approach
  • Impeccable integration
  • Php development

Custom site development vs. a box CMS

Thirtytwoninetysix builds sites from the ground up. Creating a new website is something that requires some planning and decision-making. One of the main decisions you will make is to decide whether you want to create your business a custom web design or use a ready-built platform such as WordPress.

Custom development provides numerous advantages to box CMS builds:

  • Complete design flexibility
  • Higher ranking in search engines
  • Uniqueness shows visitors you take your business seriously
  • Shows commitment to quality
  • Speed
  • Rigorous expertise in design, configuration, and implementation
  • More secure than template driven sites
  • Again... Speed
  • Great for online marketing techniques, as well as print
  • Updates - Platforms like Wordpress are heavily reliant on plugins. While updating can be fairly straightforward, sometimes plugins don't "get-along" with other plugins.

If you can draw it on a napkin, we can build it

We recognize that businesses have a goal in mind for look and feel of a site. Our builds are not limited by what theme or template is available. Whatever you think up, we will put it on a screen.

Server side content management

Our builds include a local (or server side) CMS for our clients. During consultation, you'll let us know what needs to be easily editable, and we will build it.


Easily create article posts on the site back-end. You'll have the ability to log into your admin area and quickly add content that populates on prebuilt areas of the site.

Call to Action Content

Call to Action areas are changed with a few simple clicks. Add text, add image, and add link from the admin area.


Change headers and footers site wide with ease. We are available as your project expands, but we make certain our clients have the ability to make changes quickly and easily.

Additional Pages

We create templated pages in your site. Adding a new page couldn't be easier. And our built in CMS actually creates the newly coded page right on your server.